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May 28, 2008

Everytime I do a commercial shoot, I walk out of there thinking: “Man, that was fun!” and I exclaim at how much I love my job. As well as portraits and weddings, I shoot food and chefs and owners and interiors of restaurants and then more food. And, being the foodie that I am, I soooo love it. In fact, stay tuned – I’m shooting the Tofino Food and Wine Fest this year, so will likely showcase some of that stuff.

I work for EAT magazine mainly, a FABULOUS publication that comes out every 2 months and tells us all about food, wine, places to eat, places to drink. They tell us about local farms and markets, fresh fare, places in town. This includes, Victoria, Vancouver, up island and The Okanagan. It was my favorite food mag, and now I work for them! Life is good.

So, I’ve got some really great stuff from shoots of late, but can’t show you those yet! :) Here are some of my past issue images…..

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