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Celebration of Life

June 17, 2008

A fellow photographer, whose work I’ve been admiring, had posted an entry on her blog recently, telling us how she does portrait sessions for families who have been going through rough times. We hear about children who have been diagnosed with diseases and conditions that throw them into a whole different and scary lifestyle. We hear about risky births involving moms and babes that have beat the odds. Stories are told of folks who have overcome the most challenging obstacles. We see parents who have faced their child’s diagnosis with courage and determination.

I cannot imagine how that would feel. I think parents are amazing. Plain and simple. But I think parents of children who are suffering an illness are absolutely incredible.

Everyone has the attitude of: “It won’t happen to me!” And most of the time, that is true. But there are some who it does happen to, and they should be commended. They are heroes. Often those who have suffered the most, are the brightest, lightest, most shiny beings you’ve ever met.

So, with Anastasia’s blessing, I am offering up the same deal:

If you know of a family in the Greater Victoria area who has gone through difficult times due to illness, recovery, treatment or otherwise and you feel that despite all this, they are a shining example of those who celebrate life, I invite you to nominate them for a portrait session on me. I will choose one family per month. Email me at with the detailed story and why your family of choice is being nominated. Please include your name and phone number with your submission.

The family will receive an album with 15-20 images and an 8×10 of their choice.

Thanks! Here’s hoping we can make a small and pleasurable difference in someone’s life.

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