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June 22, 2008

Yesterday, the little shark had his 9th birthday party.

It was fabulous fun. What more could a little boy ask for? Magic, best friends, cake, presents and an afternoon at the beach. The magic show was excellent, but despite all the anticipation of it, his mother told me that his favorite part was the beach! And it was very obvious. These friends are tight.

I admit, it was hard for all the adults to suppress the instinctive reaction to tell them to get out of the muck. To stay clean. To be careful in the water! But it goes to show you that when you let go of your very own control, they have nothing but good clean (well…not really) fun!

The afternoon started off with a magic show by Shayne King

Then of course, presents and playtime…..

And slimy, squirmy things. And little sisters. (NOT the same thing all you big brothers out there!)

And finally, finally….off to the beach. With best friends.

(OK, this one seriously gets me right there). And none of these were prompted. Just best friends in their natural state.

It is so funny – the differences between boys and girls. If I could only put music to these posts….I would insert a fast, hard rock and roll song whenever the camera pans to the boys, and a soft, serene ballad when it swings to the girls. Honestly….snakes and snails! (sorry to any parents who had to put these creatures in their car!)


And I LOVE how little Treya is right in there with her girls. Go sister!

It was great. All in all, a fun day. And so many more photos! It was REALLY hard to decide which ones to pick and place here, so if you’d like to see the whole story, email me.

How very wonderful to be nine years old. Thanks all you little ones for the reminder that it’s OK to get a little mucky once in a while. Turns out….we all come clean.

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  1. June 22, 2008 7:44 pm

    the jumping one is awesome. such cute expressions and love the colour. also love the one of them walking away, what an amazing series of birthday photos… you need to make a blurb book for your nephew.

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