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What’s With the Rain in Vancouver?

August 27, 2008

This is not the first time that I’ve booked multi-sessions in Vancouver and have had to deal with rain. Hmmph.

I ended up shooting this one session inside actually, which turned out fine. It helped that I was shooting 3 of the sweetest boys ever.

Every time my shutter clicked, they quickly padded over to me to see the shot.

Ah, these days of digital!

I had to actually convince them to stay put until I was done, but it was hard. I couldn’t resist their little arms around my neck each time they came over to take a peek….

The little ones’ name for me was ‘wacca-pacca’ which apparently comes from a cartoon. (?) You can imagine the sound of that ringing through the house!

Of course, the part they liked best about sitting up there was when they got to slide down!

They thought it was pretty funny that I was taking a picture of their bums….

And as usual – I couldn’t resist getting the feet too.

Robbie is the big brother.

And he loves his little brothers.

Who are Matthew….

And Benjamin.

Who are both very fast and hard to capture – especially with indoor light! This is where candy came in handy.

And, uh…as for the names, I think I’ve got that right. Their mom does a smart thing and always puts Ben in blue, which is a gift to us all!

That was fun. And while indoor shooting isn’t usually my thing, these guys made the rain quite a bit more bearable….xo

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