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No one I know (okay – almost no one) likes to have their photo taken. Yet, when I do a session, I get to see people ‘unfold’ into themselves, allow themselves to be seen. They get into it and they learn to love it. It just takes a little time.

I truly LOVE what I do. It is so amazing to take part in people’s special moments and to be able to help them enhance the experience. This is what it’s all about. The times in our lives and the way they are captured in our memories and hearts.  Photos are for keeping track of the things we can’t remember. Haven’t you ever pulled out an old photo and laughed at how young you look, or it reminds you of a place you had forgotten about?  It shows you the light in your old apartment, the blue of your old boyfriends eyes, the red of the poppies outside of your window last summer. It shows you that your kids were once babies after all, and children, and teenagers. And you get to look back at these when they’re 40. And you get to show them what they were once like. It gets you in the gut, it makes you reminisce and laugh. This is life.

I am a Victoria, B.C. based photographer with a fine arts background whose main passion is people photography. I specialize in portraiture and weddings, and have been working professionally in the lower mainland and on Vancouver Island for the past 8 years.

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