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Session Details

There are definitely a number of FAQs that come through my inbox, so I have addressed the most common ones here.


The cost of the session is $165 for approximately 1-2 hours and includes my time and talent. Note that this is for the Greater Victoria area. Areas outside of this will be subject to a higher fee depending on location.

Images will be available for viewing online within a few weeks of the session. While we all get busy, it’s important that you reap the benefits of all the hard work we did during the session! Therefore, I request that orders for prints / discs or otherwise are placed within 60 days of the online proofing being available. Please contact me if you require alternate arrangements.

I always post a preview here, so check back within a few days of the session and be sure to pass the link on to all your friends to see! And you can make my day and leave me a comment if you feel so inclined. (Just click on the comment link at the bottom of your post).

The session fee is due on the day of the session by cash or cheque, however, if you’d rather pay by credit card, I can invoice you. Cheques may be made payable to R Wellman Photography.

What to Expect

What to wear: This question always comes up. I am hoping you have a bit of a sense of my style by now, so you may notice that I will make you run, jump and take off your shoes! So, be comfortable first of all. Be yourself, but don’t be afraid to play that up a bit. Fun is good. Hats are fine, but large rims will blacken out your face, so please avoid those. Also avoid anything reflective, large logos and clashing colors or patterns. I am not your typical stand in a row portrait photographer so be prepared to dog pile! (don’t worry – I’ll also capture the classics and if the session calls for it, they may also be serious, sexy, whatever. I’ll let my portfolio images do the talking on this one).

Colors are good, but of course clashing colors bad. (ie: no orange and burgundy unless it’s fashionably intentional!). Anyway – I think you get the idea. While dressing up is absolutely great, and I love dresses and heels on the girls and jeans and stylin’ dress shirts on the boys, I am not a shirt and tie, stand still photographer.

For singles and couples, maternity shoots, babies, kids: please bring a couple of outfits if you like.

Speaking of weather: If it is a downpour, we will cancel. Sometimes, we have luck with simply pushing the sessions back in the day, so I will be in touch with you the morning of, just to ensure the weather is cooperating, etc. If it is cloudy, that completely works. If it is sunny with a nice scrim of cloud – ideal! I will sometimes make 2 appointments for a session – one as the initial, and one as the backup.

Location: I’m definitely open to suggestions. And if there’s nowhere that’s special or that you prefer – no problem. I’m happy to find a place. Note that if there is a place that you’d prefer, it will be subject to light scrutiny and may affect the timing of the session. For example, if you’d like a wide open park, in the middle of the day at the height of summer – it may not be the best time due to harsh (and sometimes unflattering) light. But it would work great as an evening shoot. We can work all of that out later, though.

What to bring: If it’s a family session and your kids have something special they’d like to bring, that’s great. Baseball mitts if they’re ball players, dress up clothes, a tutu if they’re a dancer, etc. It’s fun to capture kids with what they do best. Tricks and acrobats are also encouraged!

A word on kids: For little kids, it can be a bit of pressure if parents are telling them to ‘be good’ for the photographer, and in my experience, it backfires completely. So, while it’s a great idea to let your little kids know that we are going to take some photos, please allow them to be themselves. I have chocolate and will use it to ‘encourage’ them if need be!  (if you’d rather I didn’t give them chocolate, please let me know). One of the beautiful things about photo sessions, is that it allows us to see your kids as they are. I will guide them through the session. Also, it’s tricky for parents to be aware of their own form when they are watching their kids. Again – I’m there to help you through the process. Please also be sure that your kids come well fed and slept!

Tips and tricks: Canada’s Next Top Model beware! It’s a great idea to give some thought to the time we spend together. Think about some images you’d like to capture. And don’t worry if you can’t – that’s what I’m there for! But it honestly does help if you look in the mirror and practice your smile, a tilt to your head, a look you like. Find your good side. Please don’t feel pressure here – these are simply suggestions.

note* If you ever need to cancel, please do let me know asap. When we book a shoot, it is an agreement for both of us to show up. I sometimes have people inquiring about the same session date/time, so it would be very helpful if you let me know as soon as possible if you are going to reschedule so I can let the other party know.

My main goal is to ensure that you have an enjoyable time. I will learn a bit about you, and you will learn a bit about me. And in the process, we will be recording history!

Call or email me any time with questions, concerns, to book a session, or to just say hello. 250.480.8756

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